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Welcome to Medicure

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You can create a clinic website with Medicure theme, but you can as well use it for many other types of webstes, as it is highly flexible in customization. In any case, quality code, professional SEO and valid HTML5 and CSS3 are the key points that will push your website to top results in search. And yes, it is easy in use!



stethoscope-on-clipboard-s-1Responsive & Retina

A 100% Responsive, with Retina ready, WordPress theme is guaranteed to have a great appearance on large desktop screens, as well as on mobile devices screens. Despite the screen resolution, all the elements on the web page look neat and clean, convenient to use too.

Easy Form Setup chemist-at-work

A powerful Form Builder Tool, customly developed by CMSMasters, lets you create an unlimited amount of forms of different types and complexity, from simple contact forms to complex questionnaires with numerous fields, radio-buttons, checkboxes and dropdowns, text areas, as well as set validation for these fields.

doctor-at-the-gym-sExtended Shortcodes Pack

Cmsmasters' custom WordPress theme admin panel includes a Super Extended Shortcodes pack for sophisticated content formatting and improved presentation. The widest collection of useful widgets allow you to improve your website’s interaction with visitors, bringing its functionality to a new level.

WYSIWYG Customization happy-baby-s

You can drag’n’drop content parts across through the website page with a handy WYSIWYG Content Composer, as well as easily edit their appearance, insert featured blocks, sliders, tables, various media etc. with one click. Create your custom pre-saved layout templates to use them over and over again. It is intuitive to use even for an amateur.



Latest News  

Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Medicure HTML theme was created to offer a perfect solution for medical websites. It features functionality that was developed with health and medicine niche websites in thought.

Nutritional Personal Consultation

Nutritional Personal Consultation

You can create a clinic website with Medicure theme, but you can as well use it for many other types of webstes, as it is highly flexible in customization.