Content slider shortcode lets you add an image slider to any page as well set its size. Slider look has unlimited space for customization: a great collection of effects, ability to change animation speed and pause time, choose whether you want your images to be displayed with their original height or automatically adjusted – easy!

  • 20 animation effects
  • fixed or adjustable height
  • set animation speed
  • set pause time
  • add fade effect
  • choose the start slide

  Here are some ...
  • Young-attractive-man-710400
  • successful-physician-s-710400
  • female-practitioner-s-710400-1

  • biochemical-research-s-710400
  • consultation-s-710400
  • stethoscope-on-clipboard-s-710400

  • happy-baby-s-710400
  • -ultrasound-s-710400
  • smiling-doctor-with-chin-on-hand-s-710400

  • doctor-at-the-gym-710400
  • male-doctor-710400
  • personal-counselor-s-710400

... and many more inside!