Laser Urology

Holmium laser is a new and versatile laser available for endourological purposes.

Holmium laser has revolutionized the treatment in endourology.

Holmium laser is the only laser available for cutting tissue, coagulating tissue (stop body tissue from bleeding) and fragmentation of the calculus. Holmium laser treatment uses a thin flexible fiber to transmit the laser energy to the prostate with a very high degree of precision. . In short Holmium laser has is the multi purpose laser.

Holmium laser is used for treating urological disease like

  • Benign Enlargement of Prostate (BPH)
  • Urinary calculus disease.
  • Urethral stricture.
  • Ureteric stricture.
  • Pelvi-ureteric junction Obstruction.
  • Bladder Tumor

Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate.

With holmium laser treatment, patients experience minimal pain after the operation and spend less time in the hospital than with TURP. They are also able to resume normal activities within a week. It can be performed on patients taking anticoagulant medications. Holmium laser treatment provides immediate symptom relief and improves quality of life with little risk of complications.

The procedure may be completed in an hour or less, depending upon the size of your prostate.


Benefits of Holmium Laser Treatment for BPH
  • Safe and effective procedure
  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Virtually bloodless
    • Little risk of bleeding or transfusion
    • Limited or no catheterization required
  • Less complications than standard TURP procedure
  • Long lasting results
    • Shown durable for over 7 years
  • Can be performed while on anticoagulant medication.
  • Can eliminate need for drugs that were taken to relieve BPH symptoms
Urinary Calculus Disease

Holmium laser is used to fragment the calculus under the endoscopic guidance. Holmium laser pulverizes the stone in to sand like particle.

Advantage of Holmium laser in fragmenting the stone

It can break stone of all the chemical composition with out causing injury to surround.

There is no risk of stone migration.

It is the only energy source available to fragment the stone inside the kidney while per forming RIRS.

Urethral stricture, Ureteric stricture, Pelvi-ureteric junction Obstruction.

Urethral stricture is diseases were there is a narrow segment in the urethra. Ureteric Stricture is disease were there is narrowing in the ureter (tube that drains urine form kidney to urinary bladder) Pelvi ureteric junction (PUJ)obstruction , PUJ is the junction were kidney is connected to the ureter tube that drains urine form kidney to urinary bladder, the narrowing at this junction is termed as PUJ obstruction. With conventional cut there is high incidence of bleeding, with holmium laser there is minimal bleeding hence less pain. With the precision of the laser only diseased area is cut without injuring the normal area.

Bladder Tumor

As the disease says it’s the cancer of urinary bladder, Holmium laser is excellent source to remove the tissue, because of its property of coagulation there is minimal or no blood loss after removing tumor with holmium laser.