Myself Ila Rajendra Patel, Biology teacher in H.Sc. Science stream, D.N. High School, Anand. As I teach human body to my students, I am more familiar to any diseases, cure and its treatment.

My husband Mr. Rajendra Patel had stone in left kidney, which was carefully removed by surgery done by Dr. Ajaybhai. I personally feel he is really master of such surgeries. His work is really appreciable. He applies latest technology so that patient gets relief very soon and best results.

About hospital staff, Assistant doctors ( Dr Varsha) are also very supportive. Other staff related bills and payments, like Shilpaben, works so smartly and satisfactorily. Their work response make us happy.

Other staff related, all are very co-operative and always ready to help and attend patient.

Hospital is maintained neat and clean regularly.

The food is provided here is good and also to need of patient.

So nice and happy feeling. Me and my relatives stay far from this hospital in Baroda but we still always prefer this hospital only for related diseases.

Thank you all from me and my family

Ila R Patel

I Suresh Chawda aged 54 got operated for prostrate at Sujay Urological Hospital.

The care I received in hospital was fantastic.

At all time I was treated with respect and consideration

The staff were polite, respectful and helpful at all times.

Thank you for your good services.

Suresh Chawda